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Is it okay to use AI for Copywriting?

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There’s no denying that there is a huge conversation to be had about the use of artificial intelligence, however, I want to touch on one part of AI, that is copywriting, and whether it is ever okay to use it.

The Yes and No of AI

Ignoring, for a moment at least, the ethical side of using AI, yes, AI can be a valuable tool – especially as a starting point for writing web copy. As creatives, we are all very familiar with writer’s block and struggle to find that initial spark for something that we need to write. At times like that, AI can be a big help giving us the gentle nudge we desperately need in the right direction.

Use AI to brainstorm ideas, explore fresh angles, and kickstart the overall creative process.

However, my advice would be not to take it any further than the ideas phase. It can be quite tempting to rely solely on AI-generated content, however, there are a few aspects that you might want to consider:

AI cannot speak with Emotion

The most important role that copywriting plays for business, is creating a voice that is engaging for your audience. That voice can only be created by a real person, as the content created by AI is typically stilted, robotic and devoid of small nuances that portray emotion and reliability.

Trust me when I tell you that your audience can tell when you have used AI…

The Telltale Signs

Have you ever stumbled across a social media caption or blog post that felt slightly off? Something about it just feels weird, and not quite authentic.

Chances are, that content was created using AI.

Sometimes, the telltale signs are subtle—the choice of words, the rhythm of sentences, or the lack of a personal touch. And yes, we notice when you forget to remove those AI-generated notes at the beginning or end of your content. Just like we notice the overuse of emojis and American spelling that you forgot to correct.

The Balancing Act

So, here’s my verdict: Use AI as a starting point, not the finish line. Let it fuel your creativity, but then add your unique voice, insights, and personality.

Collaborate with AI, but don’t surrender to it completely. Trust your instincts and remember that the magic lies in the delicate balance between technology and human intuition.

Remember, your audience wants authenticity. It wants to hear you and what you have to say. So, whether you’re writing a captivating headline, a persuasive email, or a brand manifesto, let your creativity shine through. AI can be your trusty sidekick, but you’re still the hero of your copywriting.